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How to Order

Note: Malama is backed up so orders placed now will take 4 or 5 weeks

(see order form lower down)

If you are not sure of the length, tell us what the measurement from the center of your palm to the center of your chest is. (for regular paddles)

Stand up paddles. The length has not been standardized yet. Some people like "a shaka and a fist above the head" others like only "a shaka" (thanks, Jay, for your colorful method!) How much above your head will depend on the type of paddling you are doing ...lots of surfing or flat water. You can always shorten a paddle but you can't make it longer!

If you are not sure of the blade width, then use the standard width. Unless you have some special need, we advise going with the widths and angles Malama has tested for 46 years of paddle making.

UPS has raised its rates.

  • Shipping on regular paddles:
    • to Hawaii : $40. (UPS)
    • to mainland: $65. (UPS ground)
  • Shipping on Stand Up Paddles:
    • Stand up paddle ship to another Hawa‘i island $65
    • Stand up paddle ship to West Coast $105
    • Stand up paddle ship to U.S. anywhere except West Coast or Hawai‘i $115
  • Repairs: $65 and up (Only Malama paddles)
  • Refinishing a Malama paddle: $40

Sorry it costs so much to ship stand up paddles.  They charge more because they are longer than 60 inches.  We can't ship stand up paddles out of the U.S. because it is insanely expensive.  Best you order and then come to Maui for a vacation to pick it up (and come paddle with us while you are here.)

You can

(Don't forget the time difference! We're still asleep here when NY is having brunch...this is his all-purpose phone.)

Or fill in the order form which sends an email to us (that way, you're sure to get all the info in)

First Name:
Last Name:
Length: inches
Canoe club: (optional)
Write any notes
about how you
want things
customized :
If you are alive please
type 'person' in this box
(note you have a couple days to change, add or cancel.
if you want to make changes.
He doesn't start SUP until he gets your check.

Email Malama for information or you can email your order. Be sure to include:

  • Your Name
  • Your UPS shipping address (or if you are on Maui, tell us)
  • Your phone #
  • Length of paddle
  • Type of paddle (you can refer to the item # on our home page)
  • The name you want on the paddle

Once you receive email back acknowledging your order and giving you the estimated time to make it, please send your check to:

Malama Custom Paddles
Malama Chun
87 Lae St.
Paia, Maui HI 96779

The usual time to make a paddle is 2 weeks. However once season has started, orders get backed up and the time increases. As of 11/1/2016 waiting time is 0 weeks (plus the 2 weeks to fabricate). Note that our estimate for completion is in Hawaiian time (Click to see an explanation)


1. Do you make T tops?  Palm grips? All paddle tops (except traditional koa) are the same. See our home page for a photo.

2. Can I specify the angle? Yes, but we recommend you go with Malama's experience.

3. Can I have a double bend? Yes, but it costs an extra $10 and we don't really recommend them.

4. What kind of guarantee do you give? We insure the shipping and replace any that are damaged in transit (Very rare. You have to give the damaged paddle back to FedX and make a claim).  If your paddle breaks under normal conditions during the first year (e.g. You didn't step on it doing a water change, you weren't a Novice B stroker overdoing the uni on a turn, you haven't let your paddle finish wear off and the blade get waterlogged, you weren't surfing an insanely big wave, you didn't use it to bludgeon a shark...), We replace it.  Malama has been making paddles for 46 years and cares very much about his good name!



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